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To develop an economic ecosystem to accelerate wealth creation among the global BIPOC diaspora–beginning in the United States–that is built upon the principles of equity, innovation, and ownership.

The United States is experiencing a significant demographic shift, where increasing diversity is driving the nation's growth and countering the demographic challenges posed by an aging majority population.


In 2045 for the first time in history, the US will be minority white (49.7%) while Black, Hispanic, Asian, and multiracial populations will be the majority (50.3%), a trend that will continue.*


Minority and multiracial populations will lead all growth across the nation – in our youth population, working-age population, voter base, tax base, and consumers at large.


2045 will see the first US President coming into office at a time when the population is majority Black, Hispanic, Asian, and multiracial.


*Source: Brookings Institute

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